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Name & Logo Description & Overview Contact Information & Social Media Competencies & Business Sectors Clients Awards Personnel (Contact Info, Photos) Press Releases & Interviews Creative Work & Case Studies Client Recommedations PROMOTION Agency Search Results Specialized Agency Results Highlighted Agency TOP 5 Specialized Agencies Social Media Promotion (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Newsletter Marketing Network Promotion (interviews, news, banner) REPORTING Statistics via Dashboard Performance Reports If you are part of a network, and wish to showcase this network or feature multiple offices, please contact our sales team for information regarding our special network offers.
FREE 0$ Basic plan includes listing in our directory. Continue
STARTER 120$ Perfect for getting your profile noticed. Semi-annual Continue
PLUS 220$ High-value promotions for increased visibility and data collection. One contact 5 Annual Quarterly Semi-annual Continue
PREMIUM 320$ Showcase your competency and experience and raise your chances to find new clients. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Full-service Monthly Monthly Semi-annual Continue
EXTRA SERVICES PITCH Category Access Post a Job Questionnaire (5 questions) Market Analysis Post a Course or School Recommended Agency for Pitch Agency Promotion and Offers - Newsletter
$200/month 100$ 200$ 550$ 150$ 150$ Continue
$100/month 70$ 140$ 350$ 100$ 100$ Continue
Free 40$ 100$ 300$ 60$ 60$ Continue
Free Free Annual 200$ Semi-annual Annual Continue